So the thing was, I was tying to setup the adb path on my mac and finally done, I decided to write a little tutorial so that anybody and everybody can simply go through the following instructs and just breeze through it:

  • Fire up the terminal on the mac.
  • Browse to the root directory and create a file named .bash_profile, using the command “touch .bash_profile“.
  • Using the command above can be a little tricky as the user might not have the permissions to create the file under the root directory, so as a solution to that we will use the “sudo chown username file/dirname“, to temporarily change the permissions for a given directory/file.
  • Next, type “open -e .bash_profile” to open it in TextEdit.
  • A TextEdit window will open, copy and past this into that window, export PATH=$PATH:/yoursdkfolderfull path/sdk/platform-tools
  • Save the changes and close text edit.
  • Restart terminal, while in the root directory, type: source .bash_profile
  • ADB should be setup now, check by firing the adb command on the terminal.
  • And Thats pretty much it.