In his letter mentioned at,, Stephen Elop, the current CEO of Nokia outlines and warns his employees that they are not only standing on a “burning platform” but are also pouring fuel onto it. For those, who have come late, the market share of nokia has been steadily dropping since 2008 and currently stands at 16%.

This, as compared to the market share of nokia in 2008 which was around 40%, indeed makes Nokia a “burning platform”.
But this brings me to the point, I’m not “very-very” much interested in the smartphone market, what caught my eye was the story that Stephen mentions, the story about the burning oil platform, a man in a really dicey situation and a “radical shift” in his behavior. “Radical Shift”, a term which means a sudden and tremendous change in the thinking process of a person arising due to some unforeseen circumstances, in the current context. We’ve been seeing radical shifts throughout history and it tells us that the person or entity that experiences these undergoes sudden fruitful transformation in comparatively minimal amount of time. Chris Gardner can be safely cited as one such example. Standing tall and pretty won’t get you very far and Nokia is a perfect example of this. To grow and to push beyond the limits, we all need these radical shifts from time to time. Nokia is just experiencing the same and the good part is that their CEO knows that.